Spiritual Healing

We are connected to the divine source!

Activate your self-healing powers

Be kind to your body, so that your soul continues to enjoy living in it

How are you today? What’s your honest answer?

Body, mind and soul are supposed to vibrate in the same frequency. I see human kind as a unit. Any physical illness might be related to suppressed feelings. The Healing happens on a physical, mental, emotional and psychological level.

In my healing work I integrate the knowledge from ancient russian shamanism.

I am the channel for the spiritual world and let light and love flow without physical contact.

Distant healing is also possible and fully effective.

How are you feeling today?

As a medium I am the channel to the divine source. I am allowing myself to heal additionally with stones, drums, singing bowl, tarot-, and angel cards.

All healing sessions may be held remotely

Location: 7182 Cavardiras, Via Clavau 9

Rate: CHF 120.00 per Session; Dauer: ca. 45-60 Min.

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