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Welcome to the "Holistic Approach – 7 Lessons that will teach you how to master your well-being Balance for Body, Mind and Soul

Immerse yourself in th fascinating world of holistic approach and discover the transformative power hidden in ancient healing methods and holistic practices. My course holistic approach offers the opportunity to delve deep into your inner self and experience the healing power of complemented sources that balance body, mind and soul.

Course Overview

Discover the basics of shamanism, its history, and its application. Understand the central role of the shaman as a mediator between the spiritual and physical worlds.
Learn practical techniques to perform shamanic money, love, and healing rituals. Learn about herbs and meditation to channel healing energies and bring about positive changes.
Experience the healing power of nature and learn how to establish a deep connection with the elements. Develop an awareness of energetic flows in nature and use them to strengthen your well-being.
Learn how to remove negative energies from your life and promote positive vibrations. Use shamanic cleansing rituals to clarify body, mind, and soul.

Join a supportive community to share experiences, ask questions, and support each other on the shamanic path. Together, we create a space for healing and growth. 

My "Shamanic Healing" course is open to anyone seeking spiritual growth, inner healing, and a deeper understanding of the connection between mind and nature. No prior knowledge of shamanism is required. Prepare to embark on your own journey and experience the transformative power of shamanic healing. Sign up now and let's explore the path of healing together. 

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Meine Ausbildung

im Bereich Energien und geistige Welt.

  • Feng Shui Ausbildung, 2005-2007, INFIS Zertifikat, Zürich
  • Spirituelles Heilen, 2011, Obihaus, Margrit Obi, Zürich
  • Mediumship Development, 2016, Arthur Findlay College, Stansted
  • Mediumship, The positive Approach, 2018, Arthur Findlay College, Stansted
  • Mediumship, Spiritual Healing, 2019, Arthur Findlay College, Stansted / England
  • Shamanic Journey, 2020, Arthur Findlay College, Stansted
  • Mitglied SNUI “Spiritual National Union”, UK

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