Magic of the Mountains for Zurich

in 7182 Cavardiras bei Disentis (Graubünden)

In stillness lies the power! Experience the beauty of mother earth, feel the power of the campfire and listen to the sounds of the drum. Be yourself in the here and now.

Shamanic Journey for Zurich: Are you looking for a moment of inner peace and tranquility of nature? Recharge, let go and connect to the universe.

Feel the healing power of the Swiss Alps and the spirit of the trees. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature and feel the connection with Mother Earth.

I look forward to welcome you to my newly built “Shamanic Chalet” in 7182 Cavardiras near Disentis (Graubünden).

Find your strength at the campfire

We meet at the “Shamanic Chalet” in 7182 Cavardiras for a cozy get-together and connect with the energies of Mother Earth during a short meditation. With a small shamanic ritual we let go of everything that is no longer needed. We also write down our wishes and hand them over to the universe. This is followed by a short, leisurely 10-minute walk into the forest, where we hug a tree and feel the power of the tree spirit.

We end the evening with shamanic music and drum sounds. Dancing and singing around the fire delights our soul and raises the frequency of our aura.

What to expect?

To the sound of the shamanic drum accompanied by shamanic music you are in the here and now.

Join me on our shamanic journey!

  • Full Moon-New Moon fire ceremonies
  • connect with you Power animal 
  • Connection with mother – earth
  • Meditation
  • Let go what is no longer needed
  • Send out your wishes to the universe

Thursday to Sundays after 5.00pm, from June to October after 7.00pm

Venue: 7182 Cavardiras, Via Clavau 9, 3km from Disentis

Downtown Cavardiras at the village fountain, from there is an easy 100m walk to the Shamanic Chalet

: is very limited

CHF 65.00 per person incl. drinks and snacks, herbal offering for Mother Earth and a relaxing get-together. 

approx. 60-90 min.

max. 7 

Good to know:
This is an outdoor activity. Please wear good shoes (sneakers), bring a  warm sweater and rain jacket. The weather in the mountains is unpredictable 



You may register by email or phone 076 310 9554

Participants: max. 7 persons

Payment: Cash only

Price: CHF 65.00 incl. soft drinks and snacks

Cancellations: I  may reserve the right to cancel the event due to some bad weather conditions as this is  mainly an outdoor session.

Feel free to reach out for any questions you may have.

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